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About Me

Hello I'm Glinda,

I have been a Server in the Restaurant business for Twenty Five years now, I have been Manager, Crew leader, Server Trainer, and many things along with that. I've done the dish washing, some cooking, prep when needed, The restaurant business is a very fast paced work environment, and sometimes you got to go beyond your own job duties to get things done.

  My store started as a hobby, making Server books and Waiter Wallets for my fellow servers, to add a little fun and some personality with our everyday job. They would go buy material and say "Can you put this on a Book and Wallet?" So now I started a store focused on what else I enjoy other then (MY JOB) 8-4 everyday making other people money year after year. Comfort at home, relaxing, things used to get home, Comfortable clothing, and things that makes us smile and laugh. So not only a store focused on wait staff and restaurant employees, to anyone that works hard everyday and spends a long time on their feet, and to anyone who had a bad day at work, hopefully something you see here may put a smile on your face. Thank You for stopping in, and "have a goodie kinda day"